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Stepping Stones at Undershaw

Undershaw, the home of Sherlock's creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle between 1897 and 1907, was the location of the re-birth of the great detective following his demise at the Reichenbach Falls.  Today it is the home of Stepping Stones, a special needs school, offering education to those students that fall between mainstream and full special needs provision.  

The Opening

We are pleased to say that on the 9th September 2016 the newly renovated Undershaw was opened as the second site of Stepping Stones School.

You can read more about the project and the history of the building on our website here:  Undershaw.  We welcome both visitors and those interested in using this wonderful property for events related to its heritage and literary history.  For more information please contact

Undershaw & Stepping Stones - the history

It was on March 25th 2014 the exciting news that Stepping Stones was to expand was announced to a packed audience of Stepping Stones parents and staff.

The need for extra space had become pressing.  Thanks to the partnership, formed by Larry Sullivan (founder of the school), with David Forbes-Nixon, the parent of a Stepping Stones student, the dream of a bigger school has become a reality.

The house, steeped in history, has been purchased by David Forbes-Nixon for his charitable foundation  which will continue underpin the funding for the building.


The development project took 2 years as the vision was passed through the relevant authorities including the Local and National Planning Authorities, the Department of Education and OFSTED.