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Undershaw Saved!


Students, parents, staff and governors were all present at the Waverley Borough Council Planning Committee on February 4th to see our application for the restoration and development of Undershaw as a school agreed.    We are excited to be moving forward with our plans to restore this wonderful home, build on the legacy of the great author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and at the same time expand our small school.


The school has embraced both Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s history and the all-important character of Sherlock Holmes.  Students have already renamed their school houses to reflect this legacy, have produced presentations that can be viewed on this website, have Conan Doyle’s books on their reading lists and just last month visited the Sherlock Holmes exhibition in London. 


Richard and Catherine Doyle commented  “Our Great Uncle embraced change and would completely understand the need to improve and develop the site whilst appreciating the effort made to retain original elements of the building.  As will modern Doylian and Sherlockian scholars who will at last be able to access the building for writers workshops and open days at Undershaw”.


The DFN Charitable Foundation which supports the school, alongside the COINS Foundation which founded it 10 years ago, bought Undershaw and together with the school wish “to create truly outstanding special school which shines out as a role model for others to follow”.   David Forbes-Nixon spoke passionately at the Committee hearing about the work of the school and the impact it has on each and every one of our students and their families.


On behalf of the whole school we wish to extend our thanks to the hundreds of local people who gave their support to our planning application.   It will not be long now before Undershaw once more takes its rightful place as an active part of the local community.