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Red Class News Update

April 2014

In Design Technology this half term, Red Class decided to link their work to World War 1 which they have been studying in History with Neil. 

We decided to reconstruct a street, which had been bombed in the war, using clay.


In order to do this, we had to research types of houses and streets from the time of the First World War.  We decided to base our street on a row of terraced houses which we came across in our research.

 To make sure we all had the same size and style house, we had to make paper templates to use to cut out each section of our houses.


Some of the problems we came across whilst making our street:

For some of us it was very difficult to cut out the clay neatly.  We had to find ways to adapt, or help each other, to make sure all pieces were the same.

 We had to work as a team to decide which houses were to have bomb damage and make sure that the bomb damage on one house matched with those houses on each side of it.  This was really difficult!

 We had to find ways to keep the clay moist between our weekly lessons so that we could continue work on the project each week without the clay drying out.

 We had to try out different ways to make marks on the clay to represent brickwork or roof tiles.

 It was hard to put the pieces together to make the houses stand up and keep the right shape.

 It was really difficult for us to relate to the time the World War was set in.  We had to research the type of things we would find in the street in those days.  The children didn’t have all the toys and games which we have today and there weren’t the type and amount of vehicles which are on the road today. We realised how much things have changed since this time.

 We had to learn about size and proportion when making the props for the street - at one point we had a cat the size of a front door and a person who was half as tall as the house!


Things we really enjoyed about this project: 


"I really enjoyed cutting the house and making the right shape."


"I really enjoyed learning about the size and proportion of things, we had lots of fun trying to get it right."


"I really enjoyed painting the houses - we had to think about the colours which would be used in that time."


"I really enjoyed it because we had to communicate and work together."


"I really enjoyed putting the street together."

First Aid Training

Red Class spent the morning of Tuesday April1st being trained in First Aid!


They covered lots of topics, from basic bandaging and use of slings, through to what to do in emergency situations. 

They learned about the recovery position, what to do if someone faints, what to do when someone has a seizure, as well as learning how to do CPR

and use a defibrillator.



November 2013

This term Red Class students have settled in extremely well and have begun work on some very exciting projects. 

All students are working on ASDAN Short courses in Geography and PSHE.  In Geography they have completed research work on Volcanoes, Tsunamis and Hurricanes and have worked in pairs to make powerpoint presentations which they presented to the rest of the class, teachers and Head Teacher. 

They further used this knowledge to make short animations of a Physical Geographical Process (we had animations of volcanoes exploding, tectonic plates moving apart causing devastation to roads and bridges and tectonic plates moving together forming mountains). 


The volcano erupts..


 View more animations

In PSHE Red Class have been working on conflict; what it is, what causes it and how to avoid it.  As a class group, we studied conflict around the world and had some amazing class discussions.

The students are already a third of the way to achieving their Entry Level Science and are about to take their Entry Level Maths exams in the coming weeks. 

Red class

In English the students are some way into their “Island” project (writing diary entries, designing islands, descriptive writing and camp building). 





Combine all the above with the introduction of learning a second language (Spanish), swimming lessons, P.E., music and art lessons and it will come as no surprise that this first term of the school year is flying by!  Well done Red Class!!