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Blue Class News

Blue class has had the opportunity to go on many trips, both short and residential.  Going on these trips provides experience, independence and a chance to increase self esteem.


In 2013 we had a PGL adventure holiday in the Isle of Wight for a week, where a plethora of activities including zip wire, quad biking, and survival skills in the woods were carried out! For many of the students this was the first time they had been away from home and the trip provided a wonderful experience before we go international, to Spain in May 2014. 




Just before Christmas the students went to Winchester Christmas market, giving some of them the chance to increase their independence by being able to go round the city unsupervised. This was a new experience for many of the students, as was being able to go ice-skating!


Students are currently undertaking a series of short courses in ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network). As part of their adventures and trips for ASDAN they need to undertake 60 hours of exploring and investigating different galleries and museums, as well as provide evidence and a critique of their findings.  

On 21st January we went to the Mary Rose Museum in order to compare the layout and technology with Haselmere museum. It was a wonderful day and the students had first hand experience for their evidence. 

 As part of their coursework some students in blue class will be going to the Victoria and Albert museum to meet with the head of textiles there.  

 There will be a whole school visit to London for Charlie and Chocolate Factory in February.  

 In addition, the students will be undertaking volunteering work.  All volunteering work is also ASDAN accredited and includes students working on farms, in cafes, nurseries and catteries; all volunteering work is personalised to the individual students.