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Bad Weather Policy

As you are no doubt aware there are Met Office warnings in place for snow over the next few days in the Hindhead area. We would like to therefore remind you of our Bad Weather policy. The school will remain open as long as it is safe and comfortable to do so. That said we will also take into account the journeys that must be made by students and staff to access our school sites.

As such on the morning following a snowfall we will attend site as early as possible and advise you by 7.30am as to whether the school will open as normal or whether there may be a delay in opening. This will take into account access to site, heating and water in the school building as well as staff numbers. We will email you and post a banner message on the front page of the website with all the information you need.

On the contrary, if the bad weather starts during a school day, we will make the decision to close the school to allow all students and staff to return home safely.  Due to the distance travelled by many this may be in advance of bad weather conditions settling in.

We will also make contact with transport and taxi companies in the light of any such decision but  also highlight that many of these companies will make their own decisions on timing, often in advance of our call to close the school, for the safety of their drivers, vehicles and in particular your student on their journey home. They are best placed to make such decisions and we will abide by them and inform you appropriately.

The school has all the necessary facilities in place to keep driveways and the school open and operational but we will also be mindful of you and your student’s safety in making any decision to close the school. This information will be posted on the website and do contact us if you require any further information. Obviously whilst the school is closed the best way to contact us is by email as that will be monitored by staff at home.

Contact details are:
Tower Road: 01428 609083
Undershaw 01428 609583