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Stepping Stones Charity

Stepping Stones School is a charity that has provided special needs education in Hindhead for over 12 years, growing successfully year on year.   The school is a focus of many activities in the community hosting clubs and summer activities as well as events for local residents.  The school also works in partnership with a number of local schools, businesses and charities.  

Many local residents also know the school through the Cookie Bar, located in Royal Huts Parade, which is linked to the school as part of a social enterprise scheme. Students gain work experience here and parents regularly volunteer in support of both the school and activities supported by the COINS Foundation in Africa.

The Charity operates the school through a Board of Governors.

Our Funding Foundations

Today the school is supported by two charitable foundations in the following ways:

• COINS has formed the backbone of the school since its inception and has been heavily involved in the finance behind our Tower Road site, where it all began. COINS has fully supported the development of the school over the past 16 years.  The founders of the school, Larry Sullivan and Sandy Seagrove, unable to find the right school for their daughter, decided to start their own in 2004 with just 3 students.  Today the COINS Foundation continues to provide support to the school through the development of specialist facilities such as a recording studio and pottery, as well as starting the Cookie Bar in 2011.  The Tower Road site was re-furbished in the summer of 2016 to become the Lower School of Stepping Stones.  

• DFN Foundation became involved with the school in 2014 as parents David and Clare Forbes-Nixon looked to support the development of the school that had made such an impact on their son's education.  The foundation purchased the home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Undershaw,  which is walking distance from both the Tower Road site and the Cookie Bar.  Work was completed in the summer of 2016 and the site opened its doors to students in September.  We now rent Undershaw from the Foundation and it hosts the Upper School and Post 16 provision with the modern facilities required to provide a varied and challenging curriculum.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors reports to both of our funding foundations on the overall work and development of the school and welcome members of each onto the board.  The main role of the governors is to hold the leadership of the school to account acting as a ‘critical friend’.  

"The headteacher and governors have made successful changes to ensure that pupils receive high levels of care and good outcomes.  Consequently, the school meets all the independent school standards."  OFSTED 2016

The board is currently:

Name Category Roles 2020-21 Current term Register of Interests
Tim Armitage Coins Foundation Nominee Curriculum Committee 30.08.18 - 29.08.21 Technical Director, COINS Foundation
Claire Cookson DFN Foundation Nominee Chair FGB, Chair of Curriculum Committee, Safeguarding 31.01.20 - 31.01.23 DFN Foundation employee, Governor of Stratford Upon Avon Primary School
Mike Elms DFN Foundation Nominee Finance and Staffing Committee 01.08.19 - 31.07.22 Director of Liasted Investments Ltd and Kapor Primary Ltd, Trustee of Inspiring Futures and Nyumbani
David Forbes-Nixon DFN Foundation Nominee Co-Vice-Chair FGB, Chair of Finance and Staffing Committee 30.08.18 - 29.08.21 Founder, Trustee and Chairman of DFN Foundation
Jo Franklin Coins Foundation Nominee Finance and Staffing Committee 30.08.18 - 29.08.21 Trustee and Commercial Director of Coins Foundation
Louise Law Co-optative Governor Finance and Staffing Committee, Safeguarding

01.06.19 - 31.05.20

renewed to 31.05.23

Sharon Setterfield Co-optative Governor (staff) Curriculum Committee 01.08.19 - 31.07.22 Staff
Jacqueline Silver Co-optative Governor (Head) Curriculum Committee, Finance and Staffing Committee 14.07.20 - 13.07.21 Headteacher
Larry Sullivan Coins Foundation Nominee Co-Vice-Chair FGB, Finance and Staffing Committee 30.08.18 - 29.08.21 Founder of Coins Foundation, Director of Coins and Oasis, Trustee Habitat of Humanity and Coins Foundation Disability Challenge
Danuta Tomasz Co-optative Governor 14.12.20 - 13.12.21 Consultant to the school (School Improvement Specialists)

Helen Evison
– Clerk to Governors 


Governor Attendance











Tim Armitage 57% 83% 67% 100%
Claire Cookson N/A N/A 100 100%
Mike Elms N/A N/A 67% 100%
David Forbes-Nixon 86% 83% 100% 100%
Jo Franklin 57% 83% 100% 100%
Louise Law N/A N/A 100% 75%
Phil Langman N/A N/A 100% 25%
Jane Rudlin-Jones 100% 83% 67% 100%
Sharon Setterfield N/A N/A 100% 75%
Jacqueline Silver N/A N/A N/A 100%
Larry Sullivan 83% 33% 100% 100%

Leavers in last 24 months

Sociana Clarke - Left 14.12.20
Jane Rudlin-Jones - Left 31.12.19
Ryan Campbell - Left 1st May 2019
Ellie Clayden - Left 3rd February 2019
Danny Leeds - Left October 2018
Richard Norman - Left 1st May 2019
Norman Stromsoy - Left 31st December 2018