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Purple Class Residential Trip



Purple class enjoyed a wonderful residential trip to Cobnor Activity Centre in June 2014.   The weather was kind to us!

We were presented with a range of land-based challenges including; Archery, Low-ropes and Team building.

We also had a fabulous day on the' high seas' Sailing and Canoeing. The centre staff were welcoming and encouraging, enabling many of the group to work together to face and achieve new challenges.

It really was a trip to remember! 

More photos to follow.  Watch this space!!

Below are some letters, written by the staff and students on their return, to their Cobnor instructors:

June 2014

Dear Sonnie, 

Please see below the messages sent to you by the students in Purple Class. The staff would  also like to add our thanks to you and the team, you were all amazing and you all made sure that we all had a safe but wonderful and exciting visit to Cobnor.

Jenny, Louisa, Jane, Erica, Stefan and Ali.


Dear Sonnie,

I really liked the Low Ropes and the Team Building activities at Cobnor. I felt safe because I did not find it difficult.

I would like to come again.

From Gigi

Dear Sonnie, 

Thank you for a wonderful trip, it was fabulous! Thank you for having us to stay at Cobnor. I liked the activities; my favourite activities were Archery, Canoeing, Sailing, Low Ropes and the Climbing Wall. 

On Thursday night we had roast chicken with gravy, then for pudding we had chocolate brownie and ce-cream. Then we had crisps and then we went to bed. 

In the morning we breakfast, we had eggy bread, sausage and tomato ketchup. In the afternoon we had a canoe race to Bosham. 

We packed up and then we put our things in the bus. Then we said good-bye to Cobnor.

Thank you for our wonderful breakfast Jacky.

Love from Alex.


Dear Sonnie,

I really enjoyed staying in the Jubilee Building. I liked all the activities, I liked the climbing, the Archery and the Canoeing, it was fabulous. You are my special friend Sonnie. We had roast chicken and ice-cream and chocolate brownie. I liked sleeping in the dormitory in my sleeping bag. 

Remember me Sonnie,

Love from Federica


Dear Sonnie,

My favourite activity was Canoeing, we won and the other team made excuses.

I hope you had as much fun as I did.

From Jay


 Dear Sonnie,

Thank you for having us to stay at Cobnor. I enjoyed the Jubilee building and the view was amazing. The Low-ropes and the Team- building were fun because we all worked together. 

The Archery was fun, the best bit of Archery was we all took part and the best person at Archery was Louisa!!

The Climbing Wall was fun because Olivia went to the top and everyone had a go at trying and that was the best bit.

The Canoeing was amazing because we raced to Bosham and back. Our canoe got stuck and we cheated because we got towed back by Captain Jack. Can you thank Tory for canoeing with us?

My favourite activity was sailing because Louisa and Josh and I worked together on the dinghy and we sailed across the sea which I am not used to. We sailed to Itchenor where our new house is, also can you thank Emma for instructing us, it was fun putting our hands in the water while we were sailing.

The rolls at lunch were amazing and the chicken was nice but the best thing we had for dinner was the brownie with ice-cream. Please will you thank Jackie for us. 

We had loads of fun I might have sailing lessons at Conor when I am at our Itchenor house.

It was the best trip I ever had, thank you for having me. 

From Olly G at Stepping Stones School.

P.S. I would like to come back, I hope you have a good summer.


Dear Sonnie,

I liked the Low-ropes the best because it was my first time doing it!

I loved staying in the Jubilee building, I slept really well because I was tired from the activities.

I think the Climbing wall was als the best thing in my life because I have done it before.

From Josh


Dear Sonnie,

I liked the Sailing because I have never done Sailing and I found it quite challenging. The weather was good and the food was very nice. I hope you enjoyed having us to teach?

 From Elena

P.S. I learnt that you had to duck when the pole came across to the other side of the sailing boat. I got hit by the pole and it hurts a lot, also Louisa got hit by the pole and it hurts a lot for her. 

I hope things are alright, it is nearly the end of term. I hope to see you again one day.


Dear Sonnie,

I really enjoyed staying in the Jubilee Building, the views were amazing! 

The Sailing was my absolute favourite because it was exciting to be on the sea. 

I also enjoyed sleeping in my sleeping bag with my teddy. In the evening we had chocolate brownies.

We hope to see you again some day Sonnie,

From Charlie.