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Stepping Stones
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Student Life

Student Life at Stepping Stones is varied and opens up new experiences and challenges to every student. This includes taking the opportunities for outdoor learning. Click on the links below to see short videos of our sailing and skiing trips.:

Stepping Stones Sailing Trip 2016

Stepping Stones Sailing Trip 2018

Stepping Stones Skiing Trip 2018

The ideas and planning involves the voice of the students in every aspect.  There is a Student Council with representatives from across the school that meets regularly with a member of the Senior Management Team.  Not only, the Chair of Student Council, gives a verbal submission to every Full Governing Board Meeting.

Each student belongs to a School House with regular competitions and challenges held throughout the year in sport, language, general knowledge and performance.  In addition the school runs a Merit System which counts towards house points through daily learning.

At Stepping Stones we also have student ambassadors for English and for particular events whether it be touring guests, prospective parents or leading Heritage tours of our Undershaw site.  A number of our students also volunteer out of school at the Cookie Bar supporting local events.

Students bring packed lunches to school or can order items at the Upper School from the Cookie Bar.  Lunch is a time for social interaction and staff often join students for lunchtime.  The school does not offer school lunches on the basis of parental preference. 


The Upper School offers every student four enrichment sessions a week.  These are aimed at student led areas of interest to opportunities for development.  They include:

  • Sports club
  • School Band
  • Singing Group
  • Chess
  • Study skills
  • Graphics

These sessions run Monday – Thursday from 3.30 – 4.10

Extra-Curricular Offer

The school offers a vibrant range of options outside of the curricular and enrichment offer which are focused on developing skills and supporting personal development.  They include:

  • Peripatetic Music: singing, drums, guitar
  • Duke of Edinburgh Scheme
  • Equine Empowerment

These options are offered on a payment basis to students.