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Post 16

Our Post 16 provision began in 2016 and is in development.  It offers a skills-based programme focused on transition outcomes for those who do not want or have the grades to continue to a mainstream college environment.  The core to our offer is:

  • Ensuring reliance for the next steps in life
  • Achieving accreditations in skills for employment
  • Embedding work skills for each young person


This is a flexible course that offers access points and progress within a life and work skills programme.  We are currently developing a portfolio of businesses and mentoring opportunities backed by a partnership of learning with local companies.

Students are enrolled on the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and develop Enterprise Projects as well as being offered enrichment and extra-curricular options.

Pathways & Accreditations

Our Post 16 offers two pathways aimed at entering the workplace or continuing to further education.

Work skills pathway:  The students that study within our Post 16 provision are normally looking at moving from school into the work place rather than into further studies.  Students currently study a core curriculum at a level that is appropriate to their abilities but normally at Functional or Entry Level.  This core offer is:

  • English
  • Maths
  • ICT
  • Art
  • Current Affairs
  • PSHE
  • PE

This is supported by the study of a BTEC Work Skills qualification which is aimed at preparing the student to leave school to take up an employment opportunity, whether it be volunteering whilst developing skills, an apprenticeship or full employment.

College pathway: We also offer individual packages for those for whom a transfer to college requires additional support over a period of time with the support of school.  This will be a bespoke package to enable one a student as they transfer to their chosen college course with mentoring and our therapy support.  Students may also continue to work on GCSEs whilst following this pathway.  This option is normally only open to students who have come through our Upper School. 

Work Experience

The school’s aim is to build a partnership with local businesses that aims at informing, supporting and developing the employment of disabled young people in our community.  The current partnership between the school and the Cookie Bar has shown the benefit of working together to enable our students to step out into a work environment with confidence.  This is reflected in the school’s strategy for development of a business support hub and social enterprise. 

Currently the small Post 16 cohort are undertaking work experience in a range of environments to suit their interests including our Lower School, Cookie Bar, a charity shop and theatre. 

The students are also leading an enterprise project to set up a school Tuck Shop working with volunteers and the School Business Manager.